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About our company

With operations in more than 40 countries and distribution across more than 180 countries, our brands bring smiles to faces around the globe. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, we employ approximately 17,000 Associates globally, and operate as a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. 

We’ve been a part of everyday life in Australia for more than 100 years.  The Pacific business is one of our business’ top 10 geographies, employing more than 400 Associates across two manufacturing facilities and two commercial offices.

Today, our business produces many of the region’s most loved mint, confectionery and gum brands, that include EXTRA®, 5®, AIRWAVES®, HUBBA BUBBA®, P.K.®, JUICY FRUIT®, and ECLIPSE ® – to create simple pleasures for consumers every day.  

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Principles in Action

Every day across the globe we strive to make a positive difference to people, communities and the environment around us. We act on these core principles every day to create positive change across the board.


Our world

We are always mindful of our impact on the world around us, from the way we source our ingredients, package our products, to how we fuel our factories. We also work very closely with a number of NGO partners around the country to deliver litter and environmental education programs to school children around the country. We’re committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, efficiency, conservation and safety in all areas of our work, and take great care to plan for the future, and minimise waste at every turn.

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Our people

We aim to make a difference in the community by respecting diversity and encouraging inclusion. We are consistently improving our health and safety practices, and providing volunteer opportunities for our Associates through philanthropy with real impact.  From the farmers who grow our mint, to the dental associations who endorse our products, we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of people across the entire spectrum.

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Increasing the efficiency and simplicity of our operations continues to lift our business to greater heights. Our performance has a direct and indirect impact on the economy and communities where we do business in, while remaining financially sound allows us the freedom to continue ahead with an inspiring vision of the future.

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Our initiative: what’s going on right now?

What's important to our customers is just as important to us and our business. That's why we partner with business and industry communities, the Government, and not-for-profit organisations to act on important issues such as littered gum, nutrition labelling regulations, and oral health.


About gum

History of gum

Gum through the ages

People worldwide have chewed on natural materials for hundreds of years. Some of these materials include thickened resin and latex from certain types of trees, various sweet grasses, leaves, grains and waxes.

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How gum is made

Making gum

Our company manufactures chewing and bubble gums with long-lasting flavour and consistent, high quality. This includes manufacturing our gum in spotless, air-conditioned rooms and sampling all ingredients before accepting them into any of our manufacturing facilities. After raw ingredients are approved as meeting our quality standards, the first stage of production begins.

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What gum is made of


Ingredients used in our gum are extensively tested to ensure their quality meets the standards of all local and international government food regulations.

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Mint production


The oil from fresh mint is what gives our mint gum its flavour. Our business is one of the largest single users of mint in the world.

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What's our mission?

To work hand in hand with dental professionals to educate patients about the role of sugarfree gum in their everyday oral care routine.

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FDI World Dental Federation The Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia Inc. Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists' Association Inc.