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Continued Professional Development Modules

Through the years, we’ve established great relationships with dental professionals like you. We’re excited to keep doing more to help you and your patients, providing you with opportunities to further your education.

We have developed online modules, working with our ambassadors and global partners to provide scientifically based education that is accessible, informative, and can be easily completed on our website with downloadable certificates.

For dental professionals looking to complete CPD modules, visit the Australian Dental Association’s website where information on how to take the modules can be found.

The Source: Summary of Saliva and Oral Health

In this four part series, each module focuses on saliva and oral health, based on a recently released book, Saliva and Oral Health, Fourth Edition (by Michael Edgar, Colin Dawes and Denis O’Mullane, December 2012). Watch all four modules for 2 hours in total of verifiable CPD.

1. Introduction: the anatomy and physiology of salivary glands

An overview of the functions of saliva is provided by Professor Meyers, alongside the anatomy and histology of salivary glands, and the physiology of saliva formation.

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2. Mechanisms of salivary excretion

Professor Meyers identifies the components of the secretory process, illustrating how these components fit together, and explaining their significance.

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3. Factors influencing salivary flow rate and composition

The various factors influencing salivary flow rate, composition, and their physiological importance are discussed by Professor Walsh.

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4. Xerostomia: aetiology, diagnosis, management and clinical implications

In the final module of the series, Professor Walsh delves into common conditions associated with xerostomia and similar oral disorders, discussing the factors surrounding diagnosis, clinical implications and management.

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