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What gum is made of

Ingredients used in our gum are extensively tested to ensure their quality meets the standards of all local and international government food regulations.

Gum Base

Gum base puts the "chew" in chewing gum, binding all the ingredients together for a smooth, soft texture. We use synthetic gum base materials for a consistent and safe base that provides longer-lasting flavour, improved texture, and reduced tackiness.


The finest grades of pure powdered cane sugar, beet sugar, and corn syrup are used in the production of our sugar sweetened chewing gums.

Several types of high-intensity sweeteners are used in our sugarfree products and as flavour enhancers in some other brands. These artificial sweeteners deliver long-lasting, non-caloric taste, and do not promote tooth decay.

Softeners and Bulking Agents

Glycerin and other vegetable oil products help keep the gum soft and flexible by retaining the proper amount of moisture in our products. Ingredients like mannitol and sorbitol ensure the proper density of a product.


The most popular flavours for chewing gums come from the mint plant. Mint flavouring for our chewing gum is extracted from fresh mint plants grown on farms in the United States. After the plants are harvested, they go through a distillation process that extracts the oils used for flavouring our brands.


A small amount of preservative helps maintain the freshness of all our products.

What's our mission?

To work hand in hand with dental professionals to educate patients about the role of sugarfree gum in their everyday oral care routine.

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